Door 12: Max Lamb

Design is often over-polished as it reaches for perfection and therefore avoids any flaws that might give them a human touch. The result often is a home or product that lacks character. Over the various decades there were always designers that stood out bringing a certain edge with their design approach. Noteworthy are the Memphis group in the 80s or most recently the designer Max Lamb.

 He was born in 1980 in Cornwall, but moved a lot during his childhood as his father was an Air Force pilot, triggering in him his love for the constant move and travels. After studying at Amersham & Wycombe College and a certificate at City and Guilds Photography Certificate, he enrolled at Northumbria University receiving a degree in Three Dimensional Design. In 2006 he finished his master in product design at the Royal College of Art in London.

Today he lives and works in Wood Green in the north of London in a renovated factory opposite an auto repair shop. For Max Lamb the pleasure is always in the act of making the work and the satisfaction of completing it, never the outcome itself. This work ethos is reflected in his design approach as puts a lot of effort in his work on efficiency and immediacy. So in his logic materials come first, then the process and from out those follows the function.

He often uses traditional techniques to achieve innovative contemporary solutions and thereby uses materials like pewter, stone, wood, metal, or polyurethane rubber. He is also fascinated with discarded materials as they already have a history and a former use.

He draws his inspiration from the people surrounding him, but also mentioned Isamo Noguchi because of the breadth of his work reaching from mass produced design products to playgrounds and public works all over the world.

Next to his personals projects like My Grandfather's Tree at Somerset house during London Design Festival in 2015 or Exercises in Seating (2015) during Milan Design Week in the same year, he works for companies like Kvadrad or Bitossi. He also furnished multiple Acne Studio stores with his signature benches, stools and tables.