Door 12: Northern Disco Light

The saying opposites attract is regularly used, most of the times describing personal relationships, but rarely associated with a place and its culture. But is actually quite suiting for the rise of disco music out of northern Norway, namely Tromsø, that would shape the whole country stylistically.

Stilistically one would not associate the warm and driving sounds, that would become known as nordic disco, with the rather harsh, even hostile environment of the North. Well known artists are Todd TerjePrins Thomas or Lindstrøm but it is interesting to see the whole scene developing from the beginning and this is what the documentary Northern Disco Light does.

Like a Butterfly effect it started in the remote city of Tromsø in the mid to late 80's, so way before internet. For the local teenagers some excerpts on TV were the only outer influence, music magazines and records had to be imported. Out of this necessity to do it yourself, a scene started there and then moved down to Bergen and Oslo.

Next to the Norwegian pioneers Bjørn Torske, Prins Thomas, DJ Strangefuit, Lindstrøm, Annieinternational guests like Bryan Ferry, Nemone, Idjut Boys and Bill Brewster are interviewed. You can watch the documentary in full for free here!