Door 13: Bag of Suck

As our store has its roots in selling skateboarding equipment and clothes, we have a soft spot for everything skate related. At the peak of skating's popularity in the middle of the 2000s, each brand looked kind of similar and so the approach of the Californian brand enjoi was a breath of fresh air.

The brand, who still exists, produced skateboards and clothing and contrary to the competitors took themselves not too seriously. They ran the weirdest ad, which rarely gotten something to do with skateboarding and also brought them some criticism. In general, they were ambassadors of a complete diy mentality, which is at the core of skateboarding.They kept it quite subcultural while still reaching a large audience.

This was supported by the professionals that rode for them at the time. They were people like Jason Adams, Louie Barletta, Caswell Berry, and the already featured Jerry Hsu. So it less surprising that this led in 2006 to one of skateboarding's most legendary videos: Bag of Suck. The video was initially planned to be called bag of fuck but then opted for the other title.

The philosophy of the brand is well reflected in the video with really good skating, strong choice of music and an individual self-made introduction for each skater. As it has been now 15 years since the videos initial release, Trasher released a documentary, where one get a glimpse behind the scenes of making this video.