Door 13: Jan Schulte

Some cities are culturally more fructuous than others and that has not got a lot to do with size or proximity. A prime example for such a city is Düsseldorf. Over the last decades there were always breeding grounds for artists. From the late 70's to the early 80's the hot spot for artists and musicians was the Ratinger Hof. A role and place, which is now taken by the Salon des Amateurs at the Kunsthalle.

Under the guidance of Detlef Weinrich, a.k.a. Toulouse Low Trax, a lot of young artists emerged from this night club, a particular one being Jan Schulte. He is a jack of many trades and has apparently for each one another moniker. He operates under his given name, but also Wolf Müller for his Balearic side, Bufiman for his housier projects, Diskoking Burnhart McKoolksi and Goofy Man for his edits and also collaborates with Christian Pannenborg as Montezumas Rache and with Cass as Wolf Müller & Cass.

With each of these monikers he covers a different part of electronic music, but all are unified by his interest for rhythm and percussion. This interest was originally sparked  by him being a break dancer and the drive to know, where the breaks originally came from. Because of this he started to produce his first breakbeats.

This quest still leads him in his productions, always experimenting and searching for new and untypical sounds, which leads to unique and organic productions. So far he has released on labels like Versatile, International Feel Recordings, Emotional Response and most significantly on Themes For Great Cities, a label from Düsseldorf run by Rearview Radio.

His curiosity also shows in his DJ-sets, which can range from rather typical electronic dance music to obscure drums from Ghana to cheesy Italo-Pop, always able to surprise his audience.