Door 14: Raphaela Vogel

© Kunsthaus Bregenz

If a year ago one had entered the concrete building of Kunsthaus Bregenz, one would have been greeted by two massive lion sculptures hanging from the ceiling. In their noses were speakers like Christmas baubles playing a cover of the song "Hurra wir leben noch". It is the work of artist Raphaela Vogel, whose work is often defined by its vast dimensions, exaggeration and drama. Through which she deals with dependencies, personal maturity and socially interwoven connections.

Raphaela Vogel was born in 1988 in Nürnberg and now lives and works in Berlin. From 2009 she studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Nürnberg under Peter Angermann und Michael Hakimi. She then enrolled at the Städelschule Frankfurt and studied there under Simon Starling and Peter Fischli from 2011 until 2014.

She works across various fields and media using video, sound, installations, sculpture and painting. She incorporates them in performances and uses found objects/ready-mades. Next to her use of more recent technical gadgets she uses her voice and often covers songs, mainly schlager like Milva or Hubert von Goiser, that her parents used to listen to. She sometimes accompanies them with her accordion.

Generally speaking her work is highly personal as she touches on themes like fear, solitude, but also female subjectivity. At the same time it has a not too serious appeal to it, often willingly imperfect, which lends her work an even greater depth. So far she had solo shows at Kunsthaus Bregenz in 2019, Kunsthalle Basel and Berlinische Galerie both in 2018, Volksbühne Berlin in 2017 and at Bonner Kunstverein in 2015.