Door 16: Julien Dechery & DJ Sundae


Photo by Laura Lot

Compilations were longtime looked at askantly as they often give a superficial overview of a genre or artist. In recent years, a few exceptions surfaced, like Jan Schulte's Tropical Drums of Deutschland or Jamie Tiller & Raphaël Top-Secret's compilation entitled Uneven Paths: Deviant Pop From Europe, 1980-1991.

Another standout was the compilation Sky Girl, released in 2016 through the label Efficient Space, run by Michael Kucyk better known through his now defunct radio show Noise in My Head. The selection of folky, psychedelic, wavy oddities, often only released on diy labels, was compiled by two French guys, Julien Dechery and DJ Sundae.

The two are not producers, but through their digging and selection tastemakers in their own right. The start of the compilation was a CD, sort of a mixtape, with no credits on it, sold at Parisian store Colette in 2013, reflecting their personal and deep knowledge of music. Then Noise In My Head came on board and helped with the licensing and finally released the record on its sublabel Efficient Space.

But they not only work togehter, Julien Dechery first compiled in 2010 under his Eddie Ramamurphy alias another compilation entitled Play That Beat Mr. Raja #1 - Selected Oddities From The Tamil Film Industry (1984 - 1991) and then in 2012 Fire Star: Synth-Pop & Electro-Funk From Tamil Films 1984-1989. In 2018 he released a selection of songs of the artist Sebastian Gandera again on Efficien Space, which were before only available on tapes.

DJ Sundae, real name Laurent Richard, is originally from Montpellier, but now lives in Paris. He first founded Hollie Records, where he released Arthur Russell affiliate Nirosta Steel, chilean psych-folk or Japanese disco rock bands. After Hollie's closing, he now operates the label Idle Press, started as a re-issue label but recently released a CD of edits from Alexis Le-Tan and an album by Smagghe & Cross before that.

Together with Cosmo Vitelli, he co-hosts the radio show No Weapon Is Absolute, originally on Rinse France, now on NTS Radio.