Door 18: Frederik Bille Brahe

Nordic Cuisine seems next to furniture and clothing to be the strongest export from Denmark. Next to established chefs like René Redzepi there is a new young chef in Copenhagen with a slightly different but none the less successful approach.

As most of the great chefs Frederik Bille Brahe likes to make eating an experience. He personally compares it to seduction, but as you are never personally involved it gives the chef a certain humility, which he likes. Adding up to this is his love for storytelling which encompasses the food, but also leads to the presentation, the interior of the restaurants, the music and him personally, which got him voted as one of the best best dressed man in Denmark.

As shortly mentioned in the introduction, his approach slightly stays in contrast to the predominant clean, modern Nordic aesthetic and brings a rather warm, romantic touch to it. This all leads to a simple, but beautifully executed cuisine. His love for food and dream of running a restaurant came to him as a child, as he always dreamed what to eat the next morning and was always sad, when there were leftovers to eat.


Speaking of childhood and family he mentions his older sister Sophie Bille Brahe, who makes fine jewelry, as another source of inspiration for him, as she was more focused than him. His first restaurant, which he still runs, Atelier September opened in an old art gallery in the heart of Copenhagen. After former projects like Melsted, a pop up outlet, and Havfruen he opened this year at the Kunsthal Charlottenborg in Copenhagen two new places, a canteen and a bar, called respectively Apollo Bar and Apollo Kantine.

Another project that saw the light of day this year was his collaboration with the Danish design company Hay. Started one and half years ago as during Salone Mobile, where he went on flea market hunt with the company's founder Mette Hay. She liked working with him and brought him on board for the Hay Kitchen Market, a new line of everyday kitchen essentials sourced internationally and pieces made by Hay's favorite designers.