Door 18: Record Culture Magazine

Print was declared dead long time ago and unfortunately it is proven right. Especially music magazines folded in recent years like important and long running imprints Spex or Groove Magazine. But at the same time print became stronger in niches, which can be explained through a shift of focus, like Apartamento did for interior magazines.

In a similar vein, but musically focused, is the magazine Record Culture Magazine. As the title suggests, it is more about the culture regarding records, music and its connection to fashion and art. It was founded in 2016 by Karl Henkell, an Australian, born to German parents and raised in Melbourne. This inherited world-spanning view is also the approach to the artists chosen for the magazine.

Michel Gaubert from Issue 7

With the magazine, he wants to "document niche music communities around the world and their intersection with art, fashion and culture". The magazines does so by allowing in-depth interviews accompanied by editorials that show the artists in their natural environment not staged or styled photoshoots. So far the magazine featured among others Lena Wilikens, Lovefingers, Laraajj, Marie Davidson and in the latest issue Michel Gaubert.

Henkell also tries to shine  a light on people that would not get the attention in mainstream media. Additionally he wants to emphasize the importance of community through the magazine. It is released twice a year and is at the moment at issue 7.