Door 19: B Movie: Lust & Sound in West Berlin (1979-1989)

That, Berlin is, next to Detroit, one of the Techno capitals in the world, is a well known and documented fact. But rarely the decade, that led up to this status, gets discussed. Mark Reeder, originally from Manchester, who personally lived there at that time, tries to capture his experience in the film B Movie: Lust & Sound in West Berlin (1979-1989).

It is an essay film, blurring the boundaries between documentary and feature film. Although most of the events featured happened, the narrator taking his artistic freedom and blends fiction with reality. The film uses a lot of original materials from news emissions, documentaries, super 8 films, amateur and personal recordings and adds a few doubled scenes with the actor Marius Weber. This mixture gives the film an authentic touch and gives the viewer the impression to personally have been there.

The plot starts at the end of the 70's, a time where punk was in its ending phase and post punk and new wave was the new thing. As Mark Reeder worked as a journalist, sound engineer, splash movie actor, musician, scenes from famous venues like Risiko, Dschungel or S.O. 36 and bands like Malaria!, Blixa Bargeld or Gudrun Gut are shown. The film shows the artistic, especially musical, development of West Berlin in during the 80's. The city at that time attracted lot of stars like David Bowie Iggy Pop or Nick CaveMark Reeder is not afraid to show the downsides of that period, which climaxes in high drug addiction and a hopelessness in the middle of the decade until the fall of the wall, where the movie ends, showing some images of the first Love Parade.