Door 2: Beverly Glenn-Copeland

Artists have an urge to create, a drive that keeps them going, but often it is sad to see, that during their lifetimes they do not get the attention they deserved. Therefore it is even more interesting to see them in the spotlight at later years. This is the case for Beverly Glenn-Copeland, who has been creating beautiful music for nearly 40 years.

Born in 1944 in Philadephia, but raised in Canada, he learned to play the piano in young years and studied classical music at McGill University in Montreal. He performed at Montreal’s world’s fair in 1967. In the years after, his focus shifted more towards Folk music, releasing his debut album Beverly Copeland as Beverly Copeland in 1970.

In the same year he also released his second album Beverly Glenn-Copeland in the same musical vein as the first. At that time he also started to compose music for Kids Television shows like Sesame Street and the Canadian show Mr. Dressup, where he also acted.

He continued to work on personal music and as he was not a possibly to make personal statements, he recorded his third album Keyboard Fantasies. Musically it was inspired by the serene environment of Huntsville, Canada, where he was living at that time. The album was self produced, using only a Roland TR-707 drum machine and a Yamaha DX7 synthesizer.

It was this album, which drew the interest of audiophiles, especially a Japanese Gentleman, who bought all remaining tapes of the album. The album then got its first Vinyl release on Brandon Hocura's Invisible City Editions in 2016 and brought it to the attention of a broader audience. This interest kept on growing, and Beverly Glenn Copeland has been performing the album live and in 2019 released a new album entitled Primal Prayer.