Door 2: Carla Dal Forno

The Internet with all its advantages and disadvantages changed the music industry completely. On the one hand how it is presented but also how we consume it. Through streaming platforms everything is instantly available and often becomes interchangeable or even disposable.

This makes it quite challenging for emerging artists to stand out or to find a personal style. An artist, who, in our opinion, does this splendidly is the singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Carla Dal Forno. Even though her name is Italian, she originally comes from Australia and is now based in London.

Before she started her solo career she was part of the indie outlet Mole House and is still playing in two other bands called F ingers and Tarcar. Her own music walks the thin line between indie, folk, psychedelic, synth-pop all with a strong diy touch. This is reflected in the fact, that she recorded her entire first album You Know What It's Like with the internal MacBook microphone, no soundcard or monitors were used.

Another characteristic of her music is a distant feel. The reason may be her dub influences and the use of echo but is also a reflection of her need to make music in isolation, as she put it. She needs to be alone to fully concentrate on her music.

So far she released her first album and two EPs, all on Kiran Sade's label Blackest Ever Black. Additionally she self-released a mini-album in 2018 full of cover-versions appropriately called Top Of The Pops. Next to her music she works at the record store Low Company and runs a monthly show on NTS, which always mirrors her current tastes.