Door 2: Dollkraut

When in 2014 Brandt Brauer Frick released their DJ-Kicks Mix a track, at least for us, stood out. The song was called Rollercoaster by an artist with the interesting name Dollkraut. Apparently we were late to the party, as Pascal Pinkert, so his common name, started to release music already back in 2009.

His first releases on Sound Architecture and Doppelschal were in a sense rather typical house records, but they already showed his knack for different, warmer sounds. With his slow, but steady pace of releases on labels like The GymPermanent Vacation or Charlois his signature production style got more "visible". Concerning his releases and attentions from the labels he says: I can’t do obvious stuff, it doesn’t interest me and that’s also maybe why it took so long getting some attention for what I do.

Dollkrauts sound can be mainly described as organic. He reaches this sound by using of a lot of analog gear, as he loves to produce on machines that are not made anymore. He draws a lot of inspiration from cinema, especially from the 70s. But not just the soundtracks, but also the visual aspects like posters or opening titles, which can be seen in his videos on youtube and facebook.

Next to production, he becomes a more and more in-demand dj, where he showcases his eclectic influences, ranging from krautrock to movie scores. As a DJ he is not afraid to take risks and for example plays Paul McCartney's Wonderful Christmas Time at peak time.

Since 2015 he toured as Dollkraut with a live brand live band. In early 2016 another project of Pascal surfaced, called de Ambassade, where collaborates again with Bernard Crochet. Under this moniker they explore a more synthie/wave oriented sound with Dutch lyrics.