Door 20: T-Shirt

Door number 20 means that it is time for the last Christmas Special of this year. Suiting for the Christmas Time, it is a second T-Shirt with some added idealism and self irony.

Again the basis is the well-loved Airbag Craftworks' T01 Shirt. It is made in Europe from a soft and light cotton fabric and features a regular fit and a slightly relaxed round neck.

The shirt features a digital print on the chest in a subtle yellow stating Intellectuals Barbarians. The print stems from an exhibition co-curated by Annebella Pollen and Nayia Yiakoumak in 2015 at Whitechapel Gallery. The exhibition was about The Kindred of the Kibbo Kift group, a counter movement to the military approach in scouting groups after the First World War.

Their main objective was world peace through mental strength, where unison with nature is one key part. So the title plays with the seemingly contradictory words as a conscious wish to be closer to a rudimentary life.