Door 21: Atlantic Drift

An avid follower knows by now that Skateboarding always fascinated us. As said before, it is how we started but culturally skating is mostly associated with North America. If somebody talks about skating, regions like California or maybe a little bit East Coast come to mind, but not really Europe.

So it is fascinating to see that some crews put European skating on the map and one of major player is the British crew around the Atlantic Drift videos series. Hailing from the United Kingdom the group is loosely centered around filmer and editor Jacob Harris and mainly features skaters like Tom Knox, Casper Brooker, Mike Arnold, Sylvain Tognelli and more.

The series is convincingly different from other skate edits, which not only features high-class skating, but also creative lines, difficult spots, funny bits in-between and and long sequences. Together with great cinematography and editing Jacob Harris lends them rather an arthouse aesthetic. This is also underlined with great choice of music in each edit.

Their edits are mainly centered about places and so far next to their home turf London, they filmed in Paris, Athens, Moscow but also oversea in New York or San Francisco. Additionally they also started now a line of clothing, which is available in their online store.