Door 21: Chris Kontos & Kennedy Magazine

It is interesting to get to know the people behind a product, a piece of music or an artwork. This same logic applies, at least for us, for magazines. There are for example Tyler Brûlé behind Wallpaper and Monocle or Jop van Bennekom and Gert Jonkers behind Fantastic Man or Gentlewoman. Our entry today is about the founder of Kennedy Magazine: Chris Kontos.


Born and raised in Piraeus, Greece, he is now based in Paris. Originally, he is a photographer, which he calls his trade. He started to take photos at the age of 15 and studied photography at university. To show on the one hand his photos, but also share his taste in general but especially in music, he started a blog. Out of this blog, together with a dear friend he founded in the summer of 2012 Kennedy Magazine, which they called biannual journal of curiosities.

The first issue was released in Summer 2013, but unfortunately co-founder and Chris Kontos' best friend Angelo Pandelidis died tragically shortly after, which set Chris back. But he got back on his feet and the magazine is now already at its fifth issue. What makes Kennedy stand out among other publications, is that is not at all polished. It has a raw quality to it, which is reflected in the photography, the features and interviews. This means that the magazine is not over-edited, which leaves the conversational aspect of the interviews.

So far the magazine covered among others the producer and musician Andrew Weatherall, the artist Lawrence Weiner, the photographer Tim Barber, the director Whit Stillman, Chris Olberding from Gitman Vintage, the photographer Martin Parr, or the musician Lawrence Hayward from Felt.