Door 21: Playlist

Photography © Ergin Erteber for collection no2

Proudly we present you our entry number 21. It is a playlist curated by Innere Tueren, who released one of our favorite albums this year on Kann. The playlist carries the title I Thought This Was The End, Then It Started Over and comprises ten tracks. The mix starts slowly with spoken words and soundscapes and builds up the tension gradually, but stylistically staying true to Innere Tueren a.k.a. Things from the Basement's signature taste.

It is our second collaboration with Innere Tueren, real name Ergin Erteber. Back in 2015 he already created a beautiful playlist for us entitled I'll be your mirror. This one was less dancefloor oriented and more for a pensive mood, but still relevant today. The mix was accompanied by an artwork, which hangs in our store.