Door 22: Bêka & Lemoine

Picture by © Héloïse Lalanne

Architecture and interiors are often in their representation, whether it is photo or video, quite sterile and inanimate. Over the course of our Christmas calendar we had already good examples of the contrary like Apartamento magazine or François Halard. Another one is the filmographer duo Bêka & Lemoine, consisting of the Italian Ila Bêka and the French Louise Lemoine.

This difference, between how a space is presented and how it is used, was the starting point for their fresh approach towards architecture filmography. They not only show the house, the layout and all the features of the building, but rather follow the people who live in it.

A prime example is their first film, Koolhaas Houselife, where they follow the Spanish housekeeper Guadalupe Acedo and other people, who take care of the building, over the course of two weeks and show what they do.

This approach is then adapted to the building in question, like the infamous Barbican Center in Barbicania or most recently in Moriyama-San, a building complex designed by Ryue Nishizawa from SANAA. In 2016 the Museum of Modern Art in New York bought their entire body of work, then 16 films, for their permanent collection.