Door 23: Joanne Robertson

Musically the focus was rather on homelistening as most of the clubs were closed. The occasions for loud beats and big baselines were rare, but more subtle and comforting music was in high demand.

So it was the perfect timing that the amazing singer and artist Joanne Robertson released her beautiful album Painting Stupid Girls in March 2020. Initially she drew our attention through her collaborative work with musician and prankster Dean Blunt. A close friend of hers, she worked with him on his acclaimed albums like The Redeemer, Black Metal, Stone Island and Skin Fade.

These collaborations were that fruitful that it resulted in a joint album called Wahalla, which was released in 2017. Often her fragile voice stands in contrast to Dean Blunt's production and she states that he helped her find her style and avoid cliches. But she already made music before and released her first album The Lighter in 2008.

She also regularly works with her husband Jasper Baydala known as KOOL MUSIC. Next to music, she also paints, which stands in contrast to the sensitivity of her music, as it is for her rather a physical act, but she states that those two feed of each other and open new spaces.