Door 23: Maxine Funke

Avid followers of our blog will know that we have a softspot for folky outsider-music, like we featured in this old playlist from our Youtube channel, especially female artists. Last year we featured the contemporary artist Joanne Robertson, but this year we have someone from the other side of the world.

Our entry number 23 is about the singer and songwriter Maxine Funke from New Zealand. Similarly to the aforementioned Robertson, she is often compared to singers like Sibylle Baier, Bridget St. John, Karen Dalton or Judee Sill.

What draws the comparisons are her hushed voice and the stripped down instrumentation, which mainly consists of her guitar and maybe some background noises. These parameters give her sound a timelessness and a beautiful melancholy.

Since 2008 she released four solo albumsLace in 2008Felt in 2012Silk in 2018 and in 2021 Seance on the label A Colorful StormNext to a few EPs she also was also briefly part of bands like The Snare or the $100 Band with her ex-husband, the experimental musician Alastair Galbraith.