Door 3: Epicly Later'd

Photo: Jeff Fribourg

Wheter its art, sport or celebrities nearly everybody loves their share of background information, side notes or gossip. Normally this sounds like the ingredients for another tabloid, but in Epicly Later'd's case it is the story of an untypical, but well made skateboard documentary.

The aformentioned series is the brainchild of Patrick O'Dell, who has worked in skateboarding for years and got tired at his job at Trasher Magazine. In the search for something new he started a photoblog and a VICE magazine column, documenting the background of skateboarding. This then with the support of ex VICE editor-in-chief Jesse Pearson became a web-series on Vice's now defunct VBS program.

The series started in 2007 and became through the keen eye and suspending story-telling of Patrick O'Dell, the edits of Lauren Cynamon and the archival footage knowledge of Chris Grosso an instant success. It was meant to show the multiple sides of skateboarding, often off-skateboarding and thereby focus on storytelling, which set the show apart.

The show was on hiatus since the Ali Boulala episodes released in 2015, bbut since Vice's forray into television with their Viceland program it got turned into a proper tv-show. The new series started in September 2017 and featured skaters like Andrew Reynolds, Heath Kirchart, Chad Muska or Jason Dill, but also the directors Spike Jonze, who started making skate and music videos and the skate affiliated Harmony Korine.

 With the show being now on television the creators try to focus less and less on the skate-nerd stuff or as Patrick O'Dell put it himself:"I’ve always used skateboarding as an avenue to tell stories about people, to kind of psychoanalyze people. We’ve told the story of dudes quitting companies, let’s talk about some real life stuff."