Door 5: Gift Guide 1

A novelty to our annual advent calendar is our gift guide. Its aim is to help you find nice gifts for your beloved ones or even yourself, online and of course also in-store.

First up are warmer shirt with softer touch fabrics from Éditions M.R, Norse Projects or Libertine-Libertine. Stylistically there is a shirt for every taste, button down, without buttons, smaller collars, slightly bigger collar, pocket, no pocket...

Next is a GRUNDTNER & SöHNE classic the Stark Cardigan from Danish knitwear brand S.N.S. Herning. The knit is originally from 1971 and is still knitted in Denmark on the same machine. The cardigan is this year available in three easy to combine colors, classic navy blue, black and army green.

As "Sankt Nikolaus" approaches in Austria, smaller, easy gifts are always handy, but should not be boring or easily replaceable. Our selection features a blue scarf from A Kind Of Guise, made from 100% cashmere, warm leather gloves from Hestra, and a matching Lambswool hat and scarf from Norse Projects.