Door 5: Special 1

As our in-house designer is pretty occupied this season, we decided to make something different for our specials this year. The idea is based on the concept of Objets Trouvé, objects that we find on local flea-markets or thrift stores. But contrary to Marcel Duchamp and other conceptual artists, we do not declare them as art, but rather see them as nice objects for use, decoration, etc. These objects may range from housewares to furniture to some kitsch.

The first found item is not something rare or valuable. It is the first and most famous single from the Italian synthpop trio My Mine, consisting of Stefano Micheli, Carlo Malatesta and Danilo Rosati. The 7" was released in Italo Disco's strongest year 1983 and was a major hit all over Europe. Next to the catchy music, the nice cover art represents the decade and genre perfectly.