Door 6: Chris Milic

Fashion often used skateboarding to promote a certain youthfulness, most of the time not credible. But over the last years, the boundaries between skateboarding and high fashion blurred with brands like Supreme, Palace, Dime or celebrities wearing Trasher T-Shirts and Hoodies. So skateboarding, in its broadest sense, has become fashionable.

This being said, it is interesting to see skaters with a different approach, where skating and having fun are still the main focus. A prime example for such a skateboarder is the American Chris "Mango" Milic. He is originally from Arizona, but now resides in New York City. He has made a name for himself with his quirky and entertaining parts in videos like It's A Secret or Life Is A Goodie.

What makes him stand out, is on the one hand his skating, that does not only consist of bangers, but is very technical and playful, mixed with goofy clips of him and his friends and Nintendo game sequences. Next to his skating, he likes, as he puts it, to make things. So he also makes art, as one can see on his tumblr, and is very interested in music.

His taste in music is quite refreshing as he used Prince or Blood Orange for his video parts. This gets more obvious in his track selection for the Jenkem Magazine mix series, where the likes of Brian Eno, Björk or Ryuichi Sakamoto are blended together.