Door 7: Jerry Hsu

Photography by Ray Potes

    Some may now that our store started by selling skateboards and skatewear from our parent's bicycle store. Despite the fact that we do not sell És, Etnies or Emerica anymore, it is still interesting to see what is going on in skateboarding today. But sometimes it is also fun to come back to some legendary skaters, whose style has stood the test of time, and one of them, according to us, is Jerry Hsu.

    Being a professional skateboarder for over 20 years now, the son of Taiwanese parents started skating in the early 90's. His talent and dedication was soon discovered and he started to skate for the brand Maple, where he had a part in the company's film Black Cat in 1999. Around the same time, despite not being a pro for the company, he started skating for Osiris and had also a part in their video Storm in the same year and invented a new trick now called the Storm Flip.

    In his skating career, he gained most notoriety for his Bag Of Suck part in the enjoi Team video, where he had the closing part. What makes him stand out, is his effortless style and also his technical abilities, which he presents at any terrain.

    Next to skateboarding, Jerry Hsu has always photographed and shown them through his blog Nazi Gold and also released zines, books and held exhibitions. In these pictures he mainly documents the absurdities of everyday life, so he has for example a whole blog, entitled Table For One, dedicated to people eating alone in restaurants. Also in 2017 he founded his own skating apparel company called Sci-Fi Fantasy.