Door 7: Roadrunner

    Certain celebrity deaths touch people differently than others. In the case of chef, author and travel documentarian Anthony Bourdain, it was overwhelming, how many people he reached. It is probably on the one hand, that food is an universal language, but also his approach to it.

    So it was clear that when it was announced that Oscar winning film maker Morgan Neville, who directed films like 20 Feet from Stardom, Best of Enemies or Won't You Be My Neighbor?, will make a documentary about Bourdain, that it will be highly anticipated.

    The documentary follows his career from the New Yorker article "Don’t Eat Before Reading This”—which was the basis for his break through bookKitchen Confidential" and then becoming a television personality. Bourdain hosted series like A Cook's Tour, No Reservations and at the end Parts Unknown.

    His shows stood out compared to other culinary shows, as it was not only about food, but also about culture, his openness and everything seasoned with Bourdain's dry approach to everything. This was the public persona that everyone knew and loved, but the documentary tries to paint a broader picture also pointing out the darker sides of his life.

    The documentary has been criticized for various reasons, but its non glorification of Bourdain and showing his good and bad sides, makes the movie highly recommendable.