Door 9: Alla Carta Magazine

The last years have proven that magazines or print are definitely not dead. At the same time an increasing interest in cooking arose, probably again. So cooking magazines are as old as magazines themselves and also countless as the stars. In order to stand out among the competition a new magazines need to bring something special to the table.

So in 2012 three Italian fashion creatives Yara De Nicola, Fabiana Fierotti and Valentina Barzaghi went to found a magazine about food, but in a broader sense, as it takes it as means of transportation and focuses on high-end fashion, art and design. Each interview is done over the course of a meal, as they put it "the most precious moment of the day".

Since they started their bi-annual publication 11 issues came out so far. The name itself is a double pun of words. One the hand an obvious reference to à la carte, but on the other carta means paper in Italian, so a reference to the tactile facet and key material of magazines. Next to interviews and photo editorials, fashion and documentary, the magazine features tips on etiquette, cooking techniques and also experimental recipes.