Door 9: Céline Gillain

It is fascinating when crossovers within the arts happen, especially when an artist moves successfully from art to popular culture. A famous example from the 1980's is the artist Laurie Anderson. In her footsteps follows the Belgian musician, video and performance artist Céline Gillain.

She grew up on the countryside in a little town between Liège and Maastricht called Aubin-Neufchâteau. There she had little contact with pop culture and no television around, so she was completely fascinated by it. Nevertheless, it was suffocating for her, so in her teens she moved to Brussels to study art and stayed here for work, where she still lives and works.

Musically she stepped onto the scene with her debut 7-inch record What Happens If I Open My Mouth?, released on Brussels based imprint Lexi Disques in 2017. A year later she released her first album entitled Bad Woman on Antinote's Zaltan's and PAM's, from the Okonkole-Y-Trompa blog, drama label.

Through her work she comments on relationships, late capitalism, fame and power using popular schemes and completely flipping them. Additionally, she hosts a monthly radio show entitled Relief on the Belgian online radio The Word, where she presents an hour long music and spoken word, that inspire her, but also regularly invites guests.