Door 9: Mr. Lonely

That art has the power to overcome or deal with personal problems or situations is a well known fact. For example, rockstars sing about their heartaches and a painter might deal with his personal issues. But rarely cinema or film is seen to have such quality. So it is quite interesting to see the film Mister Lonely by Harmony Korine.

The writer of KIDS fell into a dark, personal hole after directing Gummo and Julien Donkey Boy, dealing with drug addiction and loosing all interest in film-making and the subject of this film and of course working on it drew him back. As he puts it, he has a general attraction to obsessive characters, who are marginalized by society and enjoy living their life as someone else.

The main story follows a Michael Jackson impersonator, who meets while working in a retirement home in Paris, a Marilyn Monroe double. He follows her to a place, set in the Scottish Highlands, where only celebrity impersonators live. Additionally there is a side story about nuns and missionaries, who work in the jungle with the help of an airplane.

The film features an international ensemble cast with Diego Luna, Samantha Morton, Anita Pallenberg, the director Werner Herzog and many more. Despite being a financial flop at the box office and receiving bad reviews under the aforementioned circumstances this is a more than interesting film to watch.